Lori's Center Stage Dance Studio

Friendship goes hand in hand with dance 

Type of CLass
Standard Rate
Book Keeping week Rate
One hour class
 45 minute class (1 per week)
                           (2 per week) 
                           (3 per week)
                           (4 per week)
                           (5 per week)
                           (6 per week)
 30 minute class 
 Private (20 min. lesson)
Semi/private (20 min. lesson)
 Walkin Class Rates:
                 One hour
                 45 minutes
                 30 minutes 



Yearly student tuition is based on nine monthly payments for 32 lessons in the year. Monthly number of classes varies. Please see schedule for dates.Recital costume costs are included in the monthly tuition. (exception: production costumes). The student/parent is responsible for supplying shoes, tights, make-up, and other miscellaneous items required for costume.

  • Tuition payments must be made promptly each month. Bookkeeping week is scheduled between the 1st and 7th of each month. Students whose tuition is in the office no later than the 7th will receive a tuition discount. Tuition must be current to receive the discount. No exceptions

  • Tuition payment must be current by December 7th for costumes to be ordered. Only students whose tuition is paid in full by May 7th will receive their costume (s). Students will not be permitted to perform in the recital without a costume, so this is a crucial requirement.

  • Any student who discontinues lessons once a costume is ordered is responsible for full payment of that costume. A percentage of the monthly tuition fee is appropriated to costume expense, so the amount due will be determined on the remaining months of lessons missed.

  • A twenty-dollar ($20.00) charge will be applied to an account for each returned check. Each student is allowed a maximum of two returned checks. If that occurs, remaining tuition payments must be made in cash.