Lori's Center Stage Dance Studio

Friendship goes hand in hand with dance 

Welcome to Lori's Center Stage 
Dance Studio!

Lori Novella is the proud owner of a thriving dance studio that not only teaches children how to dance, but how to become successful and confident individuals. The LCSDS faculty is here to provide excellent classes in a fun and comfortable environment. At Lori's Center Stage Dance Studio, dance is more than a kick, a leap, and a turn. It's about sharing your love for performance, a strong desire for self-growth, and most importantly, becoming a part of a family. Please stop by to inquire about registering for classes! Also check back frequently for announcements and news! 

Phone: (203) 748-3168

Email:  lcsdsdance@gmail.com 

Address: 10 Federal Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

Mon - Thursday: late afternoon and evenings
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Closed 

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